Grade 10 Students:  The numeracy assessment will take place Monday, April 15 - Friday, April 19, 2024.  Your time and place to write the exam is on the white board as you enter the main doors to the school.  You MUST write the test at the time given.
Click here to practice an online version of the assessment.  This will be just like how your assessment will look.

You should complete Form A and Form B for practice.  You can check your answers by clicking the PDF of the Form A and Form B answers below.

Math Topics You Should Know For This Assessment

  • Ratios, rates and percent (Math 8 LG 1-2)
  • Operations with rational numbers (Math 8 LG 8-10, Math 9 LG 1)
  • Linear Relations (Math 8 LG 12, Math 9 LG 10)
  • Spatial proportional reasoning (Math 8 LG 1)
  • Stats in society (mean, median, mode etc).  (Math 9 LG 14)
  • Probability (Math 8 LG 15)
  • Financial literacy (Math 10 LG 16/17)