The numeracy assessment will take place Tuesday, April 14 - Monday, April 20, 2020.  Your time and place to write the exam will be posted in the office window.  You MUST write the test at the time given.
Exam Prep Sessions

*Click the above link for the Exam Prep Sessions in the Suddaby room.

*It is mandatory to attend at least 1 "Mechanics" session and 1 "Written/Math content" session.  You may wish to attend more than 1 of each session.

Click here to practice an online version of the assessment.  This will be just like how your assessment will look.

*School district: select any school district

  PEN: You don't need your own student number for this practice assessment.  Any 9 digit number will work.

  Subject: Select Graduation Numeracy

  Sample Assessment or E-Exam: Select Grade 10 Sample Graduation Numeracy Assessment - Form A or Form B.  There are 2 practice exams you can do.

Note: You will likely need to enable pop-ups on your browser.  If the exam doesn't load, this is likely the reason why.

Math Topics You Should Know For This Assessment

  • Ratios, rates and percent (Math 8 LG 1-2)
  • Operations with rational numbers (Math 8 LG 8-10, Math 9 LG 1)
  • Linear Relations (Math 8 LG 12, Math 9 LG 10)
  • Spatial proportional reasoning (Math 8 LG 1)
  • Stats in society (mean, median, mode etc).  (Math 9 LG 14)
  • Probability (Math 8 LG 15)
  • Financial literacy (Math 10 LG 16/17)